,This is Patrick, Instructor on multiple airplanes and knows everything about flying on the aircraft instruments

Chief flight instructor

Hi I'm Patrick and I love flying! I'm teaching on the Diamond Twinstar, Cessna 150 Aerobatic and Cessna 182, both visual and instrument flying. I have more than 20 years of experience and too many hours to count.

If you want to fly a multi engine, the Twinstar is a great plane to begin. You don't need any pre-experience, I'm sitting next to you and will help with everything. We can start slowly with the basic procedures and increase the difficulty up to engine failures, fires and landings without the landing gear extended. This is all done on the glass cockpit with the Garmin 1000. There is a possibility to change to the analogue clocks so you can train both!

Want to book a flying lesson with me? Leave a message and let me know what you want to learn or experience!

(Right in blue is me)

Let's go flying

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