Meet Patrick, Patrick flies the Cessna on a daily bases and can Teach You how to fly it too

Chief flight instructor

Hi I'm Patrick and I love flying! I teach on the Diamond Twinstar, Cessna 150A, and Cessna 182 both visual and instrument flying. I have more than 20 years of experience and too many hours to count. We recently bought the Cessna and I can say, It's a fantastic airplane! The Cockpit is equipped with an autopilot, Garmin 530 and Garmin 430. There is room for four people and some luggage. We can go sightseeing over Groningen or the German islands. If you want to fly to another airfield, let me know and we will make an amazing trip!

If you want to practice steep turns, stalls, engine failures don't be afraid to ask, that's always great fun.

(Right in blue is me)

!Let's go flying

Leave a message including the following:

1 Date
2 Flying time (normal is 1 hour)
3 number of landings
4 other questions/ specials