Say hello to Julio, He is the owner of Fly & Fun flight school and gives instruction to you

Flight instructor/ examiner

Passionate about flying, passionate about instructing and that together with the best Cessna 172 I have ever flown! Who could ask for anything more?

I run the ''Fly & Fun'' flight school and Flying Club, so I spent my time happily busy doing what I like the most: flying! In my opinion important aspects are professional and safety-oriented flights. I am always (at least) trying to improve my skills and trying to learn more everyday. This open-minded attitude with a touch of humor is my basic ingredient when I am instructing and in my everyday life!

I love to fly with other pilots or with people who have never been in an airplane before! To share my knowledge, experience and help to increase you, of becoming an even better one is my satisfaction.

For me, the sky is not the limit, it's home!

(Together with my Cessna)

!Let's go flying

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