. This is Niels, and Niels flies the 737 on a daily basis

First Officer

Hi, I'm Niels, First Officer on the Boeing 737-700/800 and I a real aviation addict! I'm flying the aircraft for a Dutch company and can teach you the basics of flying the almighty Boeing 737! We will meet at the simulator and I can surely answer most of your questions. The simulator is not certified but it comes close to the real machine. We will choose an airport to fly from, fancy flying from Schiphol airport, Innsbruck or Madeira? It's all up to you. We can fly visual or on the instruments, follow the real procedures or just for fun fly a couple of touch and go's, steep turns, or land with one engine. It's up to you. I can also help you prepare for an assessment and give you the latest tips and advice concerning your Crew Resource Skills.

If you are interested, just send me a message!

(Flying the 737)

!Let's go flying

Leave a message including the following:

1 Date
2 Flying time (normal is 1 hour)
3 number of landings
4 other questions/ specials